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Who is Kerwin?


"Consistency is key in trading. Over the years, trading gold and studying market behavior daily during the same session, along with backtesting for over 600 hours, have allowed me to gain extensive knowledge and the necessary experience to discover one of the easiest and most successful ways to trade gold during the New York session."

-Kerwin V.

Hi, I’m Kerwin V. My trading journey started in 2016, fueled by dreams of quick wealth, often seen on social media. I, like many, got caught in the trap of buying into scams and ineffective strategies. It was a tough and frustrating time, but it taught me invaluable lessons.

In 2018, I decided to cut through the noise and focus solely on trading XAU/USD (Gold) during the New York session. By sticking to one pair and mastering price action, I finally found the consistency I had been chasing. This approach transformed my trading, turning it into a disciplined and profitable venture.

Understanding the pitfalls that new traders often face, I felt compelled to help others avoid the same mistakes. In 2022, I founded this community to provide genuine, affordable education for those seeking true trading success. My goal is to share my journey and knowledge to help others trade confidently and avoid the traps that can derail their progress.

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